Stove installation (HETAS)

With the growing popularity of the mutifuel stove, make sure yours is installed only by a fully certified installer.  We will ensure you have the stove installed in the optimum position to heat your home or room.  There are many things to consider when installing a multifuel stove, safety is paramount to ensure an efficient running burner that is safe and will provide easy heat for years to come..

As registered Hetas installers you know you will be getting a safely installed multifuel burner.

We are fully registered with HETAS for the below:
-Installing Dry Appliance
-Installing External Factory-made metal chimney systems
-Installing Internal Factory-made metal chimney systems
-Installing rigid sectional metal flue liners
-Installing twin walled flexible flue liners -Service and Maintenance

      Fireplace when we started                    mid project                          Completed new fireplace